I'm Daijuji Kurou, private detective, sorcerer, employee of the Hadou group, enemy of black lodge and pilot of Demonbane. I live in a little apartment with my Grimoire al Azif. (She's the one that looks like a little girl, weird I know). Since I'm pretty damn poor I'll take on any detective jobs, but any leads on black lodge would help. Oh, and if you have free food I might just show up.

((Daijuji Kurou blog from Deus Machina Demonbane, will probably end up NSFW from time to time, since erotic visual novel etc. Mainly about Kuro, but will include snippets of the main cast as well
Also the man behind herosenki.tumblr.com; ghosturza.tumblr.com and Iamclearlyawizard.tumblr.com just so you know))

 bunch-of-misfits said: …who I feel sorry for you >_>;

Kurou looked at the new arrival, “Ah… Hey miss.  If you ever wanted anyone who would listen to anything you told him to do I’m your man.”  He sighed.  ”Go at me, use me as a carpet, use me as a chair.  I can be a nice lil’ fuck toy.  The only issue is I am bound in chains… Well yeah.  But if those come off I’ll do whatever I can without them on too.”